I have created a Software Raid using the yast2 GUI on SUSE ES 10/11. The raid works great and it's a raid 5. I have 5 Drives they are cheap 2GB Cases that have 2 - 1TB Drives in each case (Serial ATA Drives) and I connect them in via Esata to the motherboard. The problem I have as this is "cheap" storage when of the the 5 drives goes out on the RAID I seem to have no logs of any issues and it get's harder and harder to write to it until it dies. I use SAMBA to mount the 4TB parition to my PC's in my home on a GIG network. My question is this, are there any good (Free) tools in Linux to monitor a raid or the drives on the raid to detect any problems??? I haven't found any yet and was just wondering if some exist.


mdadm comes together with the software raid functionality.


You should be using mdadm to create software RAID in Linux (it's probably what YAST is using internally) - the man page includes this gem:


mdadm --monitor --scan -1

from a cron script will ensure regular notification of any degraded arrays.

I use the following (-1 is the short version of --oneshot):

$ cat /etc/cron.hourly/mdadm 
#! /bin/sh

set -e

mdadm --monitor --scan --oneshot

Install postfix, set your email address as an alias from root in /etc/aliases, run newaliases to update the database, and expect hourly email if anything breaks.

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