I had a Linux centos(5.5) machine, on this i had deployed amavisd (with clamav and spamassassin). Referred these:



Now I have a linux RHEL machine, details are as follows:

(Linux version 2.6.18-164.6.1.el5 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)) x86_64 GNU/Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (Tikanga))

I want to set up the above mentioned software's on this(RHEL) machine, for that I do (as per the reference link):

install yum-priorities

but i am unable to install this on my said machine, because the default yum repository provided by RHEL doesn't contain this.

How can i deploy the above software's on my RHEL machine, suggest any safe alternate.

Please guide since i am a newbie in this matter.

thanks in advance Ashish Sharma

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You will probably need to download the CentOS source rpm for yum-priorities and build it for your RHEL system.

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    RHEL and CentOS are binary-compatible. Rebuilding will not be necessary. May 16, 2010 at 16:47

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