how do i verify if a cpu has the necessary requirements to run hyper v ?

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From the Hyper-V FAQ:

Q.  What are the system requirements for Hyper-V?

A.  In addition to the systems requirement for Windows Server 2008, 
    the two key requirements for the Hyper-V platform are the need 
    to ensure that the server is a 64-bit environment and supports 
    hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel VT or AMD-V) technology.



You can use a tool called SecurAble which will tell you if your CPU supports Virtualisation Technologies, which is what you need to run Hyper-V. It will also tell you the number of bits supported by your CPU and if it supports DEP

  • +1 for SecurAble if you already have the CPU in question in a running machine. Here is the web page explaining SecurAble: grc.com/securable.htm
    – Erv Walter
    May 31, 2009 at 3:40

Your CPU must support Virtualization extensions. An easy way to check this is to search for your CPU model number in Google and look for a NewEgg.com link (this will find old models, unlike NewEgg's search). Check the "Virtualization Technology Support" field.

Be aware that this feature is typically disabled by default in the BIOS.

  • Extension names for Intel are VT-i and VT-d. For AMD it's AMD-V. May 29, 2009 at 6:39

A great site to see if your intel-cpu supports virtualisation is the Intel Processorfinder, the cheaper cpu's often doesn't support VT.

Almost all recent AMD processors support AMD-V.

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