I have a VPS with Centos and with firewall that I used to configure by Lxadmin. Now I don't have Lxadmin control panel and can't go to change it by web interface. How to discover what firewall I have on my machine and where is the config with blocked IP so I can remove mine?


On CentOS, the default location for iptables rules are /etc/syconfig/iptables. If you want to whitelist your work IP, add this right after the -A INPUT -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT line:

-A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -s <YOUR_WORK_IP> -j ACCEPT

You can check for iptables by just typing the command


EDIT: ... can you get to a shell?

  • I'm currently trying to whitelist my work IP so I can get to my server at home. Going thru the /etc/hosts.allow, and my moblock whitelist. Just some other things that could block you. – Joe A Aug 20 '10 at 19:41

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