This current project requires that the DB be dumped, encrypted and pushed to s3. I'm wondering what might be some "best practices" for such a task. As of now I'm using a pretty straight ahead method but would like to have some better ideas where security is concerned. Here is the start of my script:

mysqldump -u root --password="lepass" --all-databases --single-transaction > db.backup.sql
tar -c db.backup.sql | openssl des3 -salt --passphrase foopass > db.backup.tarfile
s3put backup/db.backup.tarfile db.backup.tarfile
# Let's pull it down again and untar it for kicks
s3get surgeryflow-backup/db/db.backup.tarfile db.backup.tarfile
cat db.backup.tarfile | openssl des3 -d -salt --passphrase foopass |tar -xvj

Obviously the problem is that this script everything an attacker would need to raise hell.

Any thoughts, critiques and suggestions for this task will be appreciated.


first you can create a 'user' in mysql that has read-only permissions for the database in question, that would reduce potential destructive damage, were an attacker to gain access to your backup script.

then you could use gpg or pgp encryption on your backup before or after you compress it, and you can do that without needing to provide a password, using your public key.

and of course, you should chmod 700 backupscript.sh to prevent anyone from reading your password.

there may be other ways to do passwordless database snapshots, but i'm not aware of any off the top of my head.

gpg or pgp seems like a superior alternative to the openssl method you've mentioned, because it can be done without a password.

touch db.backup.sql.gz
chmod 600 db.backup.sql.gz
mysqldump -u nonprivuser --password="pass" --all-databases --single-transaction | gzip > db.backup.sql.gz
gpg -e -r your@email.com db.backup.sql.gz && rm -f db.backup.sql.gz
s3put backup/db.backup.sql.gz.gpg db.backup.sql.gz.gpg
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  • added a short example script for you – cpbills May 18 '10 at 20:13
  • Good to go I think. – Shivam Bajpai Apr 10 '15 at 9:06

Using a password inside the script is a really bad idea as this can be seen in ps aux and read out by every system user.

I would suggest you to look into mysqldump-secure. This is a shell script that does openssl encryption based on public-private key encryption and is a lot more performant than gpg.

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You can also just use RDS which does all of this for you.

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