I currently have a POP server for email, which is delivered to a Thunderbird client. This Thunderbird client stores email locally into a hierarchy of subfolders containing both emails and subfolders.

I now want to access this locally stored email from other clients. My first solution was to create an IMAP mailbox and move all the messages to the IMAP server. I wasn't able to do it because my IMAP server refused to create subfolders in folders already containing email. As the original hierarchy is quite complex, I can't modify it to try to get along with this limitation.

Are there any Linux IMAP server that would accept having both messages and subfolders in a folder?


Dovecot can do it if you use Maildir.


I use Dovecot and I create a subfolder in my Inbox folder (which contains a lot a mails). I am in Maildir format, and it's works well


UW-IMAP (when configured to use specific types of back-end storage formats, such as MIX) and Cyrus both support this, as do many others. I believe it is more the norm to support dual-use folders than not these days, actually.

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