our emails are being flagged as junk. I have two different webistes both with their own dedicted ip address.

sitea.com = xx.xx.xx.43 siteb.com = xx.xx.xx.44

Im using hmailserver to host our emails and have the smtp bound to the ip address of xx.xx.xx.42

im aware that i can set up a spf record to state that the what servers emails can be sent from

v=spf1 mx ip4:xx.xx.xx.43 mx:mail.sitea.com ip4:xx.xx.xx.42 -all

Would the fact that email are not sent from the sites ip's be causing them to be flagged as junk.



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Having SPF that doesn't match the mail server is a sure fire way to get flagged as spam. Having an SPF that does match in general buys you nothing.

Have you checked if your server is on any realtime blacklists?


v=spf1 mx ip4:xx.xx.xx.43 mx:mail.sitea.com ip4:xx.xx.xx.42 -all

I don't think you want that record - generally using the mx: types doesn't get what you want. You've also said that the .42 address is the one you send from, so it should be first, and realistically the only record:

v=spf1 ip4:xx.xx.xx.42 -all

Try www.mxtoolbox.com it has a simple blacklist checker which should be able to detect any blacklists that your on! What are you settings in hmail for outgoing email?


Short answer: Yes.

If your mail is being sent to junk folders, adjust your SPF and check again.

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