I have a windows server 2003 where I have to create a MAPI profile to read incoming emails of exchange 2007, using a custom utility. So I want the mail icon to appear in the control panel to configure e-mail accounts.

I googled a lot and seems that there was a way to do it with an utility called newprof.exe but it is no longer available: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306962

I don't have an outlook license so I need a free way to create MAPI profiles in this server, either installing a free client or some ms tool.



The mail icon in the Control Panel is part of Outlook, so without Outlook, you'll have to use some alternate methods to get a profile created. Here's something to try:

1) You have to have MAPI installed. No way around that. You can download it here: Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1. There are some limitations such as not being able to work with Unicode PSTs. If you're just looking to read new messages, you should be fine.

2) Use MFCMAPI to create the profile. Here's the steps:

  • Download and run the exe.
  • Choose the Profile menu item, Show Profiles
  • Then Action, Create Profile.
  • Give the profile a name.
  • Right click on the new profile and choose Add Exchange Mailbox.
  • Enter in the Exchange server (I recommend using the FQDN) and the mailbox's Display Name. I haven't tested to see if it will resolve based on an email address.

That should get a basic profile created to be able to use without installing Outlook.

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