I'm trying to install node.js and I get this list of warnings when I run ./configer. I don't know which libraries/packages I miss on my Debian installation (Linux ppc GNU/Linux on a Bubba2 sever)

Checking for gnutls >= 2.5.0             : fail 

--- libeio --- 
Checking for pread(2) and pwrite(2)      : fail 
Checking for sync_file_range(2)          : fail 
--- libev ---
Checking for header sys/inotify.h        : not found 
Checking for header port.h               : not found 
Checking for header sys/event.h          : not found 
Checking for function kqueue             : not found 
Checking for header sys/eventfd.h        : not found 

Can you tell me what I need to install?


To satisfy gnutls dependency you will need libgnutls-dev. Both libeio and libev depend on C library only (AFAIK) so you will need libc6-dev package for that (which should be pulled in by libgnutls-dev I believe). Hope that helps.

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