I was trying to tune WCM public facing site we have in Sharepoint . I have following doubts

By default application pools are set to recycle themselves at 2 am in night and because of that we need warm up scripts . But As I was googling on this topic I found mixed reactions on this some MVP are saying its not advisable to recycle application pool daily and some say otherwise so I am confused.

Because if I am not doing recycling application pool then I don't hv to use warmup scripts . But as my site is public facing and its all around the globe so is it advisable that I should recycle it daily as it will affect the performance of my site even though I would run warm up scripts once I don't think so it wud be as good as it should be ....Any advice on that?

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I would make sure you don't recycle the app pool regularly during any scheduled jobs on your web application. Other than that I don't see any reason why recycling the app pool daily would cause an issue.

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