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How to fetch ./configure parameters used at last time?

I've inherited an abandoned server, and I need to upgrade Apache/OpenSSL.

No one knows the original configure options that were used to compile it, and the original admin is long gone.

PHP is not compiled in, so phpinfo()'s out.

http -l and httpd -V do some good, but not enough to rebuild all of the ./configure line.

I need to get all of the arguments that were used to build it including the "enable" parameters,etc..

Where does phpinfo() get this from? Is there another way to find it?


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  • This isn't a duplicate asI don't have a config.status to refer to. Given ONLY the executable, CAN YOU FIND OUT THE COMPILE TIME DIRECTIVES? – madhatta May 27 '10 at 22:35

It looks like Apache apache puts a config.status file in the same directory from which ./configure was originally run. This file seem to be usable for running the ./configure again using the same parameters.

I hope this helps someone else!


  • What if the system in question DIDN'T have the source directories from which it was built still lying around (you wouldn't have config.status)? – madhatta May 27 '10 at 19:13

man apache2 said -V Print the version and build parameters of apache2, and then exit. The informations are not exactly the configure options, but the Makefile options. So I think you can retrieve your configure options like that.

For apache 1, I don't know

  • Some, but not really. Like, when it was built where did configure expect to find openSSL? It's not in httpd -V. httpd -V is also referenced in the original question. Thanks though. – madhatta May 27 '10 at 19:12

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