I'm trying to stop and start IIS on a windows 7 build box, in order to run acceptance tests. But from what I have read, most of the remote web management features have been disabled by Microsoft in a retarted attempt to sell more Windows Server 2008 licenses. Still for some reason they didn't disable the least user-friendly ways of controlling IIS remotely, but they are all a total pain.

What I can do easily is remotely stop and start the WWW service from a msbuild task. But I want to be sure that this also restarts the app pool, so that when I copy in new web files the web server there will be serving the most recent version of the website.


If I restart the W3SVC windows service, will that also restart the app pool?


No, Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) handles the application pools in IIS 7; here is the documentation.

How To start and stop the services.

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    Bravo, sir, the answer I was looking for! – Mark Rogers May 28 '10 at 3:52

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