Let say i have a source directory which contains The contents /foo/a /foo/b(These are the files in a directory on a remote system)

using rdiff command i make a backup as

 rdiff-backup [email protected]::/foo backups

And a,b are now present in my backups directory.And then i delete file a from the remote system and again i do a sync so my local directory has the file b only.

My question is that how do i restore file a if the deletion and sync is done on the same day


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This command:

rdiff-backup -r 1D [email protected]::/foo/a backups/a

should restore your file as of "1 day ago". Is this what you're looking for?

You can also use 1B instead of 1D for last backup session.

More about the time formats: rdiff-backup man pages

And some examples of usage.

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