Currently I have a server (dev tun) running openVPN and my WinXP client is able to connect to the server just fine. I have an ethernet device and I need to send data to a computer under the server's network, so since the device can't connect on its own I need to configurate my Windows XP to share its VPN connection.

So, on my WinXP machine i have:

Network Adapter #1 (ip gw with internet access).

OpenVPN Connection (dhcp).

Network Adapter #2 (crossover cable with device).

Here is my client.ovpn

cert gertec.crt

key gertec.key


ns-cert-type server

user nobody

group nobody

remote IP PORT

ca ca.crt

dev tun

dev-node OpenVPN

proto udp

resolv-retry infinite



verb 3

I would appreciate any help.

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Windows XP was not meant for routing. However I think that you will have success with Internet Connection Sharing.

  • ICS will be hard, since (as far as I know) it's hardcoded to and might conflict with the existing gateway. (Strangely, Windows can route IPv6 perfectly.) Sep 11, 2010 at 15:47

I used to share an OpenVPN link by setting it up in a Linux virtual machine*, and adding a route on the default gateway to that virtual machine (using RIP for fun, but can be easily done manually).

* I found coLinux to be very lightweight.

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