I have a wide TV screen that is attached to a Mac Mini. I am able to use this screen as a second screen using an application like ScreenRecycler. However, Sometimes I want to demonstrate what I am doing on my box on this TV screen. As this TV is attached to a Mac Mini, I want to have a screen sharing done reversed. As I know screen share can be done in observe mode and full screen, this would be more than sufficient. Because it would be pretty useless to run it continuously, I want it on demand. For this, I want to use SSH.

So the only thing I would like to know is, how do I start screen sharing in from a Terminal Session. On Windows, I could start an application by using "start notepad.exe", I am looking for something similar. Eventually, I want to make this work on other boxes too.

Thanks for your help!


Opening a script can be done by using "open". As Screen Share does not really have a suitable manual around to play with, I can't find a default setting that makes it go full-screen.

I use open vnc://remote-ip to make this work.

  • the easier way is to use iChat auto-accept scripts. – Shyam Jun 4 '10 at 7:45

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