1 How do you add storage to your Amazon Ec2 servers? Say you need extra HDD space? or another drive?

2 how much does extra storage cost?

3 can I scale from Small Instance to large instance and not lose any data?

  • What did Amazon support say when you asked them? You did ask them, didn't you? – John Gardeniers Jun 4 '10 at 5:04
  1. You can create new EBS volumes and attach them to a running instance.
  2. See the "Projecting Costs" section at the end of the link above.
  3. Sure, if your data is on an EBS volume; you can detach the EBS volume from your small instance and reattach it to a large instance. If it's not on an EBS volume, you can create a custom AMI from your running small instance, then start a large instance using the custom AMI.

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