Will doing "Run as administrator" on a .BAT file allow regsvr32 enough privlieges to register a DLL or OCX?

The .bat file contains:

regsvr32 -u SomeOCX.ocx
regsvr32 SomeOCX.ocx

Or, does the logged in user need to be an administrator?


There can be issues with running .bat files by right-clicking and choosing Run as Administrator. Another option is to start an elevated command prompt and execute the .bat file from there.

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if you not administrator then you cannot do "Run as administrator" (but you allways can use "RunAs")

and ofcouse "Run as administrator" gives you all necessary rights to do "regsvr32"

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run as administrator should allow it to register as long as it is setup by a domain administrator.

Did you tested it ?

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  • What needs to be setup by a domain administrator? – CJ7 Jun 4 '10 at 8:51

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