I'm working on getting a Wordpress MU install running on my VPS. I enabled the 'simple-vhost' mod and can access the site fine.

The problem is I can only get to it from domain.com. If I try www.domain.com I get shown the lighthttpd page? I'd like to get everything pointing to one place.

My DNS records look like this:

*.domain.ORG xx.xx.xx domain.ORG 300 A 
domain.ORG xx.xx.xx domain.ORG 300 A 
WWW.domain.ORG domain.ORG domain.ORG 300 CNAME 
domain.ORG domain.ORG domain.ORG 300 MX

What is happening?


Edit: lighttpd.conf here:


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    posting your lighttpd.conf would be helpful – Iraklis Jun 17 '10 at 8:49

Your DNS config seems fine - however the www.domain.org is superfluous as *.domain.org already does the same thing.

You need to configure your existing virtual host for www.domain.com to respond to requests for domain.com. If you want it to respond to requests to *.domain.com, you'll need to edit the virtual host file (located under /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled on Debian) to something like that :

$HTTP["host"] == "(^|.*\.|\.)domain\.com$" {
   server.document-root = "/var/www"

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