I know this can be done on Linux with JIRA, using mod_proxy, but I'm not sure if its possible on Windows:

Say we have a Windows server running IIS 7.0 and serving up pages on port 80, via an address like:


We then install JIRA on the server, it uses its bundled Apache web server to serve stuff up on port 8080, like this:


Is there a way to configure IIS and Apache so that JIRA runs off a port 80 folder, as in:
http://twiddle.something.com still hits IIS
http://twiddle.something.com/Jira hits JIRA on Apache?


edit: I guess we might also want to throw SSL into the mix for JIRA too....


Yes, this can be done. There is documentation on the Atlassian site about this:


Another possibility if you are looking to reverse proxy the request is to use Application Request Routing (a supported IIS add-on): http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationRequestRouting.

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