I was wondering how I would go about getting the sort of full screen image of a desktop running linux from windows using xming. Basically, I dont just want the console.

Thanks in advance!

  • See the xdcmp directions on the xming web site? – Zoredache Jun 17 '10 at 18:41

Look into some VNC software. There is a free edition of RealVNC that is worth checking out.

Some Linux distros may ship with VNC software already, so poke around on your machine first.


I also have never tried it myself, but seen many a person on the tubez rant and rave for FreeNX, which is the GPLed code that is the core of their commercial product. The claim on their homepage:

NX is an exciting new technology for remote display. It provides near local speed application responsiveness over high latency, low bandwidth links. The core libraries for NX are provided by NoMachine under the GPL. FreeNX is a GPL implementation of the NX Server and NX Client Components.

They also have a Windows client, which I was unaware of until some Googling.


Obviously, look at the previous solutions but also look at, http://ulteo.com/home/ If you're curious I've had decent performance while running VNC via a web browser.

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