I know that I can blacklist a module in /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, but I have a nasty module which loads before the filesystems are mounted (except /boot of course), so I assume, /etc will not yet be read by then.

Can I prevent a module from loading using a kernel boot parameter?
(I'm using GRUB)

Or are there other ways to do this?

Thank you!


Modules that load that early in the boot sequence are built into the initramfs; it seems likely that you can run update-initramfs -c -k your_kernel_version to ensure that the blacklisted module isn't loaded in that initramfs image.

  • *I don't actually use Ubuntu. – violet Jun 21 '10 at 1:47

This Ubuntu site has a nice breakdown of options:


While there aren't any ways to tell the kernel to not load a module at boot time, you can get in the way later on down the road. Take a look at the break= optionss, that change initrd behavior. If you don't know the exact module, you can perhaps use these to further isolate it.

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