There are several Nagios JMX plugins out there, according to the Nagios plugin registry and Google. Any recommendations on one JMX nagios service check over the others? The few I glanced at briefly didn't seem to be under active maintenance...

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Please have a look a jmx4perl. It is acvtively maintained and continously improved (version 0.70 with multi checks is close to release, milestone 4 is already available).

Some unique features of jmx4perl (and check_jmx4perl) compared to the other Nagios JMX Plugins:

  • No local java installation required on the Nagios Host (pure HTTP/Rest communication)
  • Bulk requests (multiple JMX request within a single HTTP Request)
  • Fine granular security policy possible
  • Relative and incremental checks supported

You can find information about jmx4perl and some blog posts about it the jmx4perl website.

(of course this info is a bit biased as I'm the author of jmx4perl ;-)

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