I had setup an external contact in exchange (Mail Contact) for a contractor (let's say Joe User, forwarding to juser@hiscompany.com).

I was having the problem whereby any mail sent to Joe User from within exchange was always arriving at Joe's end with a winmail.dat attachment. Figuring this may be related to the fact that I had Joe setup as a mail contact in exchange, I removed the contact from exchange.

Now from Outlook, if I compose an email to juser@hiscompany.com (as I would to any person not @mycompany.com) I get a delivery error, immediately, from exchange advising that the recipient 'Joe User@mycompany.com' can't be found. It's as if Exchange is trying to resolve this locally, rather than delivering it externally.

Any suggestions on how to get Exchange to 'forget I ever added this guy as a mail contact' and deliver the mail externally as it would with any other domain?



Try deleting your nickname cache in Outlook to deal with the delivery error.

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  • Exactly. Outlook is vigilant about this kind of thing, which is why us Exchange admins have to be real careful about changing peoples names after things like marriages. Do it wrong and everyone they ever emailed will start getting this exact error. – sysadmin1138 Jun 23 '10 at 16:58

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