I am looking for a way to use a remote serial port on a linux machine over LAN. The machine is running ubuntu 10.04 and I have a arduino board connected to it, that I would like to be able to reprogram or listen/talk to serial output of it over LAN.

It would be great if the client software would be platform indepented but linux only client would be ok too.



There are some programs like that for windows: http://www.hw-group.com/products/hw_vsp/index_en.html http://www.serial-port-communication.com/serial-over-tcpip/ (this appears to have a linux version to, but its not open source...)

And finally actually wikipedia has some useful notes and references: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COM_port_redirector

UPDATE2: Most interesting candidate: http://lpccomp.bc.ca/remserial/


You could try remserial http://lpccomp.bc.ca/remserial/ (though that might well not work) or ser2net (in universe) + a client. I'd personally be a bit nervous about flashing it over it though.


You could SSH to the machine having the connection to the arduino board, and access the serial port through minicom or whatever. I am not sure how you would forward it though, not sure if it is possible.

  • +1 this is what I do to manage my remote network devices: I have a 1U rack-mounted Intel Atom "server" as my management workstation running Debian with no X, but with a couple of PCI serial cards in it. – gravyface Jun 24 '10 at 19:38

screen does a very good job of this. Ssh into the remote box and screen /dev/ttyWhatever baudrate

  • How do you set data bits, stop bits, parity, and flow control? – Drew Chapin May 23 '17 at 20:54

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