I often start a screen session, issue a ":multiuser on" command and then ":acladd someuser".

Is there some way to get with a single shell command a screen session to start with these two commands automatically?



Use a custom screen config file with screen -c file. For example:

echo "multiuser on" >> multiscreen.conf
echo "acladd someuser" >> multiscreen.conf
alias multiscreen='screen -c multiscreen.conf' # bash syntax for alias

Add them to your ~/.screenrc file (without the colons). See the screen man page and the example files it refers to (possibly at /usr/share/doc/screen/examples).

  • hmm.. I need it as an optional thing, not for all screen sessions. using the .screenrc would probably apply all the time, wouldn't it? – GJ. Jun 27 '10 at 22:14

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