I want my linux client to stop using nis services. Can someone suggest how to do it. Yes, I've already searched on the web, and also on serverfault. As I've mentioned a couple of times on su/so/sf, the search facility is almost half as bad the sites themselves are good.

EDIT: My Distro is Ubuntu 10.04

EDIT2: How do I turn it back again.?



You aren't getting any answers because you aren't providing enough information. Instead of complaining about the search feature here, perhaps you could have told us what distro.

If it's a RH based distro, use chkconfig

chkconfig --del ypbind

If it's a Debian based distro use update-rc.d

update-rc.d -f ypbind remove

If you just stop the service then you will probably have lots of halts as it tries to use NIS I believe. If you want to remove NIS from being use I believe what you need to do is edit your /etc/nsswitch.conf file and remove the nis text from it. Then you also stop the service from starting as Nathan said.

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