Is it possible to build a Linux-only media streaming server which can do streaming of the formats supported by Windows Media Services? To the best of my knowledge, the popular streaming servers that run on Linux, like Wowza and Darwin, don't support this. Note that I mean proper streaming and not progressive download.

More generally, I wonder whether there are other features provided by Windows Media Services that can't be replicated on a Linux streaming server. In other words, what capabilities would I have to miss out on if my streaming server is Linux-only (so not even running a Windows VM image)?

Cheers, Mike.


If you are referring to the Microsoft Media Server (MMS) protocols, I do not believe there are Open Source streaming servers available.

In Windows Media Services 2008, support was dropped for MMS in favor of RTSP. Fortunately, this is supported outside of Windows. There is a list of Server Implementations that include Darwin Streaming Server and VideoLAN.

Typically when streaming from an Open Source platform to a Microsoft platform, I use UPNP. I have had success and continue to use ushare for this purpose. There is also a Wikipedia entry with comparison of other UPNP software.

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  • Thanks! This might be a separate question, but if MS dropped MMS, then what is the value proposition of Windows Media Services? – user47382 Jul 2 '10 at 16:11

I use a streaming server known as Red5 it is completely open source. But in your case since you want to share files with Windows format that it still does not do.

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