We have a sql 2005 cluster on W2K8 cluster. It is a named instance say SRV1\A. Then I built a new W2K8 (with a diff cluster service name) but the same service account. Then I installed a new sql 2005 cluster say SRV2\A. Now when I bring down the sql server resources on SRV1 and try to rename SRV2\A to SRV1\A through the cluster admin, I get the error the network name already exists. I have tried bringing an old cluster and installing a new cluster with the same name and it works. Why am I not able to rename the name? Any advice would very helpful.


Should work in theory. Do you still get the same error if you take the 2005 cluster service totally offline & not just the resource group?

Can you get a screen shot or a copy/paste of the exact error message?

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You will need to do the following:

  • Bring down network name for old instance
  • In DNS, remove the A record for the old instance name
  • Wait for DNS replication, check with ping or nslookup
  • Rename the network name on the new instance
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Allan Hirt is his book on SQL2005 High Availability advises you can only rename the stuff in DNS - so a named instance such as Crystal\ball, you can only rename Crystal.

On Google Books, look for ISBN 159059780x - and then look at page 334.

So what Allan Hirt is saying is that it is not possible with SQL2005 to rename the instance name - without doing an uninstall and reinstall.

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