I read lartc but I don't feel I need such a complicated solution for simple needs. One of such simple use cases is to limit a specific process' available bandwidth, upstream or downstream. How can I run wget or firefox constrained to 50 kb/s download speed without using iptaables and qdiscs?

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us trickle. sample cmdline:

trickle -d 10 wget http://noc.gts.pl/50mb.gts

you can repalce wget with any other command. and btw - wget has built in bandwidth limiting option: --limit-rate=amount - so it does not require any external tools to slow it down.


Wget has built in bandwidth control with the --limit-rate option. Shorewall also offers a nicer interface to traffic shaping, as does wondershaper.


Couldn't you use Squid-Cache as your local proxy and have that software manage the limiting/shaping? Any Squid gurus out there?

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