I'd like to be able to set up a default user quota for members of a group if they don't have a specific user quota defined. The idea is that by default, they'd have this standard quota but if a specific entry for them was made in the aquota.user file that specific quota would apply and override the default.

Is this even possible?


On RedHat-based systems (at least) such as Fedora and CentOS you can use the edquota command to edit the quotas set for an individual user or a group.

You'll have to setup the file system to support quotas and use the quotacheck command to setup and create the quota files (aquota.user and aquota.group) which it sounds like you already have if you have user quotas defined, and then use edquota to actually edit the quotas.

See this RedHat document for a more in-depth description on how to implement quotas and apply them to groups and see the man page for edquota here.

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  • This does not seem to even attempt to answer the question. – Richlv Nov 6 '19 at 17:09

You can use the -p option on edquota to prototype a quota from a group or user to another user or set of users.

cd /home
edquota -p samplequota *
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