I have been using Debian for some time but am brand new to CentOS. How can I browse CentOS packages in a web browser like I do at packages.debian.org?

If there is no such website, can someone give me a quick command line of how to look up a packages and details (description, software version, etc)?



Generically speacking

yum search "search-string"

will search any of your configured and enabled repo's, though its not always handy to use yum / rpm commands if your stuck on something like a .so.* dependency failure. EDIT: I know the above isn't web, but there are yum GUI's around that emulate that function, I just can never remember a good one so prefer the command line.

For dependencies and as a general goto for rpm searching I use: http://rpm.pbone.net/ click the advanced search link to narrow the search to your distros.

I find this an awesome resource as it doesn't just index the redhat/fedora/suse default repos, though I'm not sure if it includes RPMFusion (which is another great 3rd Party source and is searchable).


CentOS doesn't have such a database as far as I know. You can use Fedora's, they have the same packages available for the most part: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/


The CentOS folks came up with a guide for an older version of yum, but it should still work.

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