I would like to change the HTTP GZIP compression level in IIS7 from 0 to 4 as mentioned in these articles:

However I cannot see any reference in them (or http://www.iis.net/ConfigReference/system.webServer/httpCompression) on how to change the compression level from 0 - 10.

The compression page in IIS only has tick-boxes to enable/disable dynamic and static compression.

My Web.config file has the line:

Please can you tell me how I can do this?


You need to set it in the compression scheme:


for example to set it in gzip using AppCmd:

appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webServer/httpCompression /[name='gzip'].dynamicCompressionLevel:"5" /commit:apphost

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    By the way, one easy way is using Configuration Editor which will show you all the properties, and it can generate the scripts to set that (that is how I generated the AppCmd command above) – Carlos Aguilar Mares Jul 13 '10 at 4:19
  • Hi CarlosAg, I have installed the Configuration Editor and have it open. In section system.webServer/urlCompression. Where is the option to set the level of compression? Many thanks. – Techboy Jul 20 '10 at 18:12
  • Level of compression is set in system.webServer/httpCompression inside the collection, specific to the compression used (see above) – Carlos Aguilar Mares Jul 21 '10 at 0:06

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