I have proftpd running under user proftpd. I have a new virtual server in ProFTPD called "example.com" pointing to /var/www/example.com. I have chowned the /var/www/example.com folder with user "example_com" and group "www-data". I have set the directory as SGID (2775). This permits the FTP user "example_com" to login and upload files and folders, while permitting the Apache process user "www-data" to run the website and read/write to files.

In my proftpd.conf, I have set umask like so:

Umask 2664 2775

My trouble is this. When "example_com" creates a new file, it's setting it as 2644 instead of 2664. And when creating a new directory, it's setting it as 2755 instead of 2775. In both cases, it's missing the "group-writable" permission.

How do I turn on Group Write in ProFTPD globally?


According to the docs, you cannot set the SGID bit in the umask directive; it says: "Any arguments supplied must be an octal number, in the format 0xxx."


As joschi alludes to, what you really want is "Umask 0002" - a umask is bitwise to the object, not an absolute CHMOD setting. You only need to specify it once (not "umask 0002 0002") as the first will apply to all.

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  • I had to use Umask 002 002 make it work with both files and directories. – ciastek Jul 8 '14 at 14:59

This is nothing specific to ProFTPd, it's standard POSIX permissions "math".

You are mixing up the actual permissions on a file and the umask. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umask for an introduction.

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