We have a Small Business Server 2003, with a support distribution group. Is it possible to allow members of a distribution group, send emails from the group email address?

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You need to grant the users the "Send As" permissions. Not sure how to accomplish that on SBS 2003, but on Exchange 2003 you will:

  1. Start the Exchange version of Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. From the View menu choose Advanced Features.
  3. Right click the user who wants to let other people send messages on his behalf and select Properties.
  4. Select the Security tab and click Advanced.
  5. Select the Permissions tab and click Add.
  6. Enter the users who require the Send As permission, then click OK.
  7. You will see the list of permissions. Make sure that "This object only" is selected for the apply field, then scroll to the bottom and select the Send As permission. Click OK.
  8. OK the Advanced security dialog box, and OK the User Properties window to close.
  • Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Activate "Advanced Features" in the View menu
  • Find the distribution list you want to send as
  • Open the properties and go to the Security tab
  • Add the user or group in question
  • Check the "Send As" permission
  • OK your way out

There is by the way a difference between "Send As" and "Send on Behalf Of". In the latter you can see which mailbox did actually send the mail, with "Send As" - and the above procedure - the message appears to come directly from the user that you granted access.


Yes. You just enter the name of the list in the From: field in a new message.

  • Tried using the From: field, but I get "You do not have permission to send to this recipient" email from the server.
    – stukelly
    May 1, 2009 at 11:39

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