I'm configuring a Fedora server to use a static ip (although this question should apply to any Linux server). Unfortunately, I don't have much control over which of the two ethernet ports gets used. I was wondering if there was any harm in configuring both ports to the same ip as long as I know only one port will be used.

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A cleaner option would be to setup a bridge between the two interfaces, then assigning the static address to the bridge. This way you can use either port, and it works as a bridge too.


No, there is no harm as long as you are sure that only one will be in use at a time.

Side note: You should really steer clear from Fedora on a server. It has a short support cycle and you have to upgrade OS versions once a year in order to get patches. CentOS is from the Red Hat family like Fedora, but has a much longer support cycle.

  • I appreciate you advice on what distribution to use. Unfortunately, in my situation, there just isn't time to do a wipe. It's one of those should-have-been-running-yesterday situations.
    – Eugene M
    Jul 20, 2010 at 12:03

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