We have a DEV and QA site as well as a UAT and Production. The prod and uat are external, but the dev and QA are internal.

We have the following sites:

uat.company.com www.company.com

I want to set up the following that point to an internal address:

dev.company.com qa.company.com

Can I set these up in the external DNS for company.com? or more to the point, will this cause issues?


No it should not cause any problems, you could even use views to ensure those records are only visible when requested from your internal network


Yes, this is possible. I'm not sure how well advised it is, though

Who manages your DNS service? Could you go with a split views solution?


While it should be quite possible, it depends on whether the software from your supplier allows you to configure such a thing. If you are using Linux/POSIX/Unix boxes you can overload domains using dnsmasq


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