Does anyone know the major differences between the Nginx Development and Stable editions? I know that there is a risk of bugs etc. in development. But I was more concerned with performance/features.

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I'm not a big nginx pro, but in my experience development version is usable enough(no chashes so far) and it also had a fixed bug with 201 response code while the stable one hang when i was trying to give 201 from the backend server. In this particular situation dev version was helpful. Anyway, potential risk of bugs I think is a serious reason to go and stick with stable version, even if it might be less performant.


The "development" branch is also called "mainline".
According to Nginx (quoted repeatedly on their site, here is one example)

Note that stable does not mean more reliable or more bug-free. In fact, the mainline is generally regarded as more reliable..
We recommend that in general you deploy the NGINX mainline branch at all times.

The reason to use the stable is mostly for plugins - the stable won't change anything a plugin might be relying on.

While stable is theoretically more likely to be abused by a minor bug that hasn't been back-ported, mainline is theoretically more likely to have a 0-day or overlooked bug that made it through testing and early deployment.
IMO neither of those should be part of your initial calculations. You should have a backup and ideally a rollover server in any case.

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