I have a Linked Server which was made using SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

If the linked server destination changes, I will have to change the properties of it to direct to the right place.

But I cannot - there is no edit option!

Am i missing something, or can Linked Servers not be altered?

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Yes, you are right. Linked server name cannot be modified. It needs to be dropped and recreated in case the server name changes.


You can't modify a Linked Server

But if you right click the server in Management Studio and then:

Script Linked Server As > DROP and CREATE to > New Query Editor Window

You can make changes to the script and it's almost the same workflow as using ALTER


The ability to edit them left around SQL 2000 or SQL 2005, now they have to be dropped and re-created.


Check out sp_setnetname. You can use it to change the data_source of the linked server (destination), e.g.:

DECLARE @name sysname = 'SRVRNAME';
DECLARE @datasource sysname = 'srvr.name.com';

EXECute sp_setnetname @server = @name, @netname = @datasource;

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