I've got a virtual machine that I'd like to have running as an EC2 instance. Is there any way to simply convert a .vmx to an EC2 image?

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Amazon now offers this service. Download a tool and it will create an AMI and upload the disk images.



A vmx file is simply a descriptor for the vmware virtual machine. The VMDK is what you will need to convert.

Gareth's first link is a good tutorial on how to convert a VMDK->AMI, but you WILL have to change your kernel, and then you will have to bundle the image. The whole process is described on this link: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/amazon-ec2.html

Alternatively, you can talk to a vcloud provider about uploading your VM without any conversion: http://vcloud.vmware.com

Good luck!


I haven't tried this specific situation myself, but here is a useful link that should help you out.

Since this article was written, Amazon has introduced the ability to run a custom kernel, which may help if the kernel used on your VM is not one of the standard EC2 kernels (I'm assuming you're using Linux here). See this link for more info.

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