Does anyone know if Asterisk server can do the following?

I have 10 freelance programmers each working from a different city, each with their own cell phone. I want to have one business phone number like 111-222-3333. When clients call in, they must enter the extension of the developer they wish to reach. They are then connected to the corresponding freelance programmer's cell phone.

The goals are:

1) never expose the freelance programmer's cell phone number. Clients should only be aware of the business number + extension

2) the freelance programmer should have the business number 111-222-3333 as one of his "favourite" numbers because favourite numbers have unlimited talking minutes. All clients call in via the 111-222-3333 can talk to the freelancer indefinitely without incurring extra cell phone talk-time charges.

Is an Asterisk server the optimal solution for my requirements?


Yes, is possible and from my point of view is the best solution. For calling your programmers you can use a different phone number, not 111-222-3333. I use the same solution for a marketing team and it works perfect. Short example:

exten => 111-222-3333,1,Answer()
exten => ... play IVR
exten => 111-222-3333,3,Dial(SIP/nr_of_programmer@out-sipaccount,120,Tw)
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