I've created a proxy in apache that overlays styles from a test site over content from a production site. This works fine, however there are a number of files that exist in prod.site.com/static (that are content managed) but not in test.site.com/static. This shows with a number of "File does not exist:" errors in the apache log.

From HTTPd:

<VirtualHost *:82>
    ProxyPreserveHost Off

    ProxyPass /static/ http://test.site.com/static/
    ProxyPass / http://prod.site.com/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://prod.site.com/

    ServerName hybrid.site.com

Can anyone offer advice on the best way to fall back to prod.site.com/static if a file can't be found in test.site.com/static? I'm looking into using mod_proxy_balancer but it seems like a dead end.


mod_rewrite sounds like an answer for your problem. For practical examples, see the official guide

  • Still tweaking a bit... but it's looking promising! – Andrew Aug 4 '10 at 21:27

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