In executing the following command with appcmd:

set config -section:system.webServer/handlers /"[name='FCGIEcho’,path='*.exe',verb='*']".ResponsebufferLimit:0

I get the error message:

ERROR ( message:Malformed collection indexer; format is [@position,name='value',
name2='value2',...].  The @position specifier is optional, and [can] be '@start', '@en
d', or '@N' where N is a numeric index into the collection. )

I have tried every combination of double/quotes I can think of.

This is a valid property as mentioned here:


I would appreciate help from anyone that understands this syntax.


Just in case the above link is dead.

Use this:

appcmd.exe set config /section:handlers"/[name='FCGIEcho'].ResponseBufferLimit:0"

For site specific changes in config, it'll remove handler module 'WebDAV'

appcmd set config "sitename" /section:system.webServer/handlers "/-[name=WebDAV]"


After consulting the IIS team the answer is here http://www.coastrd.com/cgioniis7

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