I have a non-proxy-aware program that I need to get working through an HTTP proxy server. The program (MYPROG) running on a machine I can configure at will (MYSRV) connects to a specific server (DESTSRV) on a specific port (DESTPRT). There is an existing HTTP proxy server (PROXYSRV:PROXYPRT) that will allow the traffic through if MYPROG was proxy-aware, but it isn't.

Is there a way to listen locally on a specific port and forward the traffic through the proxy server? I can totally configure where MYPROG points to, so I could point it to MYSRV:4545 with the thought that some wonder program will redirect the data to DESTSRV:DESTPRT through PROXYSRV:PROXYPRT. I'm thinking IP Tables or netcat could do the trick if only I could figure them out...



In terms of a port-forwarder, I'd probably employ socat for this, to use your example variables, it'd look something like:

socat tcp-listen:4545,fork,reuseaddr proxy:PROXYSRV:DESTSRV:DESTPRT,proxyport=PROXYPRT

And man socat would of course fill in any details I've forgotten.


A port-forwarder may do the trick.

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