I set up my first http proxy server in Non-transparent mode :) I then set it up to for auto-detection. Even better.

But my favorite browser, firefox, is storing my credentials. So I can't switch users. I have tried:

  • restarting firefox
  • changing the passwords for the users
  • Switching networks
  • Clearing saved passwords

How do I set firefox to behave like, ugh IE, and ask for my credentials when it opens?


You probably might want to clear "Active Logins".

There's also a setting that allows you to clear select parts of remembered history on closing Firefox so that might be the corresponding option you're looking for.


Put in the browser about:config and accept the risk, then set the values for:

signon.autologin.proxy -> false
network.automatic-ntlm-auth.allow-proxies -> false
network.auth.use-sspi -> false
network.proxy.share_proxy_settings -> false

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