My company hosts an open source RPM repository and would like to start counting RPM downloads per day. The repository is hosted on Apache httpd. Can anyone recommend a good way to count the downloads of just the RPM files (which will have URLs of the form http://packages.mycompany.com/packages/continuous/trunk/fedora/10/RPMS/package1.rpm) while excluding any other accesses to the repository URLs for index browsing, etc. ?

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If you don't want to go with classic apache log analyzers like awstats or webalizer, you might want to try visitors, a simple CLI log file analyzer.

visitors -o text ACCESS.LOG | grep " /" | grep ".rpm"

will give you a list of requested RPMs sorted by popularity with the number of downloads included after the file name. Non-RPM downloads will be ignored, so the order might look a little funny.

1)    /rpm/example.rpm: 4
3)    /rpm/example2.rpm: 2

for example.


The simplest answer would be something along these lines:

grep ".rpm" /var/log/httpd/access_log | wc -l

This would give you the number of files accessed with .rpm in their name. Simple I know, but effective.

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