I have installed kloxo/lxadmin in my VPS, I'm wondering is kloxo, lxadmin secure or will it get my vps hacked?


Kloxo had major vulnerabilities exposed last year, which resulted in a very personal tragedy - the then developer of Kloxo/HyperVM took his own life.

Since then, the product has been open-sourced and a check of the forums suggests that the major vulnerabilities have in fact been fixed.

After that particular incident however, I'm very wary of using Kloxo so I'd recommend looking at other options such as Cpanel (if available) for providing a Web-based administrative interface. If you are limited to using Kloxo, I'd suggest starting off by looking at the Security sub-forum on LxCenter and articles like this on the LxWiki.

  • CPanel is not for free, however, kloxo is open sourced, so it should be more secure, if lots of people read its code:) – giantforest Aug 17 '12 at 1:04