Windows 32bit can only make use of ~3.2GB when 4GB is installed.

Some software such as Superspeed's Ramdisk can use the unused memory, that is, I can use the remaining wasted 768MB for ramdisk purpose.

Does VMWARE workstation have this feature? I would like to use the wasted memory for guest OSes in VMWARE, example I have 8GB installed, HOST Windows only sees 3.2GB, remaining 4.7GB used for VMs.

Reason I'm asking this is that I don't want switch to 64bit windows yet.

Anyone can help?


I would say no since the OS you are running it on cant adress more then 3.x gb memory in a 32bit enviroment and the system need to be able to adress it in order to let applications use it. Havnt tried it tho.


The hardware feature you need to address anything over 4GB in any way from a system running 32bit Mode is called PAE. If this is not emulated by the virtual environment, then: No.


On 32 bit win machine, the only one thing you may use the "upper" memory for - ram drive.



Page 2, under "64-bit guest operating system support..."

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