We have several thousand 'contacts' setup in AD already for a faxing system. We're migrating to an online fax provider that uses e-mail rather than plain old telephone. So, we've bulk edited all the AD records so that the 'mail' attribute is populated with the right e-mail address in the right format.

Now, how do we enable these contacts within Exchange 2007? I've looked through http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb684891.aspx but that only seems to talk about manually editing the CSV output to specify the external addresses. AD already knows the external e-mail addresses - I just need the info in Exchange!

Any thoughts?

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get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object {$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”} | Enable-Mailbox –Database “EXCHANGE1\Mailbox Database” | get-mailbox | select name,windowsemailaddress,database

Have a read through of the first link - very helpful.


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    Sorry - to clarify - I'm not looking to setup mailboxes, but mail-enabled contacts. Thanks, thought! Aug 17, 2010 at 13:00

Maybe you could use ExchMbx but is untested with Exchange 2007


Check out ADModify. It allows bulk change to AD attributes including exchange attributes.

Howto article for modifying Exchange attributes with ADModify

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