I am fetching data from a database on SQL Server 2008 (SQLA ) over to Oracle (ORCLA) . The data is pulled using a database link, via HS ODBC connection. Both the SQL and Oracle databases were 32-bit editions.

Now, we moved the Oracle database onto faster 64-bit servers(ORCLB), the 32-bit Oracle database remained on the older system, and this system (ORCLA) was still used as the "gateway" between the 2 databases. Today, the 32-bit Oracle server (ORCLA) was scrapped.

This broke interface between the 2. I tried to setup the HS ODBC connection on the 64-bit Oracle server (ORCLB) I started getting the above error message. Upon further researching I found that the HS ODBC gateway is not supported on a 64-bit system. So I setup the HS ODBC connection on another 32-bit Oracle server(ORCLC) that we have. The HS ODBC setup ( listeners, et al) on 64-bit server (ORCLB) were scrapped.

Problem: I can ping SQLA, using tnsping. lsnrctl shows that listNer is correct. I can connect to a database on ORCLC and fetch data from SQLA. However, while trying to fetch data from SQLA onto ORCLB results in the above error message being thrown. I have no idea what I can do to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

The 32-bit systems use Oracle 10gR2, the 64-bit edition uses Oracle

(Pardon me if I posted incorrectly here, I felt this is more of a server side issue)


I broke my head trying to get this working and I got so frustrated with ORA-28545 errors I just gave up.

Setup a 32-bit Oracle installation on a standalone PC to speak to SQL Server and used a dblink from the 64-bit Oracle server to the 32-bit Oracle stand alone PC. Long winded approach ? Yeah but no more digging across logs trying to find why and where the connection is breaking down.

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