I blocked related port number but kerio still fails to forbid ultrasurf. Is there anyone solved this problem ?


have a look at the last pages


They say that they blocked it.

(I hope that linking to other sites it's not a violation :p)


Blocking of port 9666 will not help - this is localhost port only. You have to monitor connections to port 443. There is Brazilian Linux script for blacklisting ultrasurf servers using iptstate (can't find it at the moment) - but in my case it was enough just to block packets to destination network with destination port 443.

Here is another way to block -

Article from Symantec is on using hash to prevent ultrasurf application from running.

Another article on blocking based on object footprint.


Check out Palo Alto firewalls, they inspect the payload, not the header of packets to determine application and filter on that. I like how they pull in the need for separate devices into your edge.

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